846 yuan cash red envelope to receive

recently saw such a love dialogue on the Internet,
share: why friendship boat say turn over ? Why don't you fall in love? Xiao Bian instantly felt the sorrow of a single Wang,
for small I like this single Wang (say good sad),
or good money is the hard truth! Money step 1,
long press under the two-dimensional code recognition registered as a second member of 888 yuan of money,
money: 2 seconds,
the next second,
Download money APP,
enter your personal center view your envelopes: 3,
each have red limit and standard limit,
Xiaobian favorite is red 8 yuan that can be used to invest in 7 days,
the investment threshold of 200 yuan: 4,
investment of 200 yuan,
8 yuan red tick,
the yield to maturity of 0.
46 yuan,
7 days later,
a net profit of 8.
46 yuan,
can earn 1.
2 yuan a day,
it is worth t