Even CHANEL girls wear household slippers out, are you still hesitating?

ing of 2017 Chanel yesterday just ended the Cuban show,
in addition to a set of beautiful clothes,
I do not know whether you also pay attention to the models are the shoes? They were all dressed up in bathroom slippers! Remember as early as last year,
ELLE has summed up the hot trend of shoes for you (bathroom slippers can also wear out? That's the latest thing) it's not.
It's coming back this summer! Fashion witch Rihanna in the design circle playing more and more quickly,
you haven't had time to Creeper income bag,
and she and Puma cooperation launched a new tide shoes! Surprise design,
cutting-edge Riri,
this time is brought about by furry home drag! This Fenty x Puma Home Furnishing tide dragged a cherry pink and black and white three colors,
the personality girl sweet and cool fee