Female version Deng Chao, 34 years old, still full of vitality, in addition to her who?

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In the entertainment world,
to say that you will enjoy and enjoy the stars are too numerous to mention,
but the real healthy life is Taiwan oxygen beauty Ivy Chen.
Big Ivy Chen was photographed in Japan in an interview but also gobble down,
said: I really like,
call me dieting is impossible to do so.
In the common diet for weight loss was unheard of before the entertainment (except fat star star of course).
After all,
not good when a chowhound family,
accidentally fat to the screen.
But Ivy Chen was eating fair and square.
She can not resist the food,
she also likes to drink beer,
in her own words: the feeling of drinking beer is too comfortable.
Ordinarilythis eat drink,
she should not face,
belly fat,
elephant legs