How do you score in a double goal per day?

his round is a multi shot back,
heavy kill kill,
attack the middle attack die,
there is no way to fully open the hanging opponent,
opponents also cannot attack his dead,
when the two sides are deadlocked and do not want random errors,
the forehand attack assault is a sideline whether you are left-handed or take a right hander,
must be technology,
this is a breakthrough of the ball,
the ball forehand must be very simply; suddenly,
after the attack is to follow up on the pressure,
don't expect a shoot to kill the opponent,
the formation of follow up pressing continuously,
so as to form a breakthrough role.
In both shots,
the physical strength of both players is very large,
so it is much more important to control the ball without being proactive than to make a forcible attack.
In addition,