Innisfree bubble hot spring essence line sharing can let skin spa enjoy a comfortable

tion of water in the body is about 70%.
Without water,
we can not live - water is the source of life.
In essence,
the proportion of water is about 70%,
the lack of water essence can no longer provide nourishment for the skin - water is the essence of the carrier.
When all brands are busy in the formula that accounted for only 1% of the components,
focusing on the Innisfree occupy a bottle of essence of 70% important components of water body.
In order to give you a deeper understanding of the importance of water,
magic artifact from the feelings of Fangshan mountain spring water,
the selection from Jeju Island pure spring water,
make the skin just like to enjoy a SPA Ereignis moist and bright light in the spring season of Innisfree Qin bin invited teachers to bring a theme of save water fo