Liu Wen - attitude is man's charm forever

ce said: when you face life,
enough self-control,
effort and earnest,
then you can open your mouth and ask for anything you want.
Liu Wen's life is clearly the best annotation of this sentence,
an ordinary family,
the lovely girl,
after a long effort to become the world's top supermodel,
authoritative website list third new models MDCtop50 board,
through the four fashion week,
had numerous top cover,
a few big cooperation.
He became the first Chinese model in the history of the VS show and continued for 4 years,
the first global spokesperson for Estee Lauder in Asian history.
until now,
her signature model Liu Wen,
low-key low-key,
experienced a variety of wind and rain,
still smiling face to greet people.
For such supermodels,
we can only say that attitude is human,
and ch