Really skinny office, five minutes quick yoga, I do it every day, so my neck is thin

office life,
but also more comfortable,
more care of yourself ~ today we introduce a simple office,
five minutes of yoga,
so that your body and mind more healthy,
but also thin neck! Now,
let us begin to learn the super effective office five minutes of Yoga: first of all,
the waist straight,
sitting in the 1/3 part of the chair,
feet flat on the ground.
take a deep breath.
swing your head from side to side and relax your neck.
Stretch your neck,
do clockwise movement,
and do counter clockwise.
Let your shoulders relax,
follow and circle.
As shown,
place your right hand on your knees and your left hand to your back.
Turn left and stretch and relax your waist and shoulders.
the exchange switch,
continue to do a group.
In this way,
extend your right hand to the left