Tang Wei praises his good man, Li Jian writes for him, Wu Xiubo's charm more than six abdominal muscles

ization from the entertainment magazine,
ID:iiiquan read Beijing in Seattle only love was once again captured the hearts of uncle.
The love between Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo in the movie is the love developed by writing letters.
This correspondence in the form of small paintings called pen pal in that time,
still very western style.
But now,
you return my WeChat one minute late,
give me a little,
I don't think you care about me.
As a love film,
Beijing meets Seattle love letter is too cold.
Wu Xiubo propped up the hormones and the play of the female g-spot! Uncle 6 pack and B cup chest can let a person can't hold close to feel the body is simply the uncle's biggest surprise,
after all,
in our hearts,
uncle is uncle representative of the old cadres before you ~ ~ ~ figure,
there is