Value undervalued investors are flocking to hedge Ampquot paradise Ampquot Moore Finance

Kong stocks continued to shock adjustment,
the mainland funds to speed up the route through Hong Kong stocks through into the market in Hongkong.
The continuation of inflow dynamics in the first few days,
Hong Kong stocks through net inflows again more than 1 billion yuan.
It is worth noting that since the opening of Hong Kong stocks,
the basic net buying continued to show a steady rise in funds through Hong Kong stocks through south.
In many people's view,
the reason why the choice of the south into Hong Kong stocks,
mainly because of low valuation of Hong Kong stocks.
A low or undervalued market,
systemic risk will naturally be much lower.
In Moore writer @ Prince Chen seems undervalued value has become an important factor in Hongkong's stock market to attract global investors.
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