Which team do you choose to break with a prize hero?

erica 3 hits hard! It's time to summon the hero again! General Danger ahead! Note! The heroic civil war is imminent.
Your Superboy is the captain of the United States,
or iron man Are you still in front of the screen to see the muscle nuts? Oh my God heroes now need your assist! France Captain America and iron man and made you a hero,
Hyun cool team PK team,
the hero break,
you choose which team? Activity time: May 3,
2016 -5 month 10 days: choose their own support team - cool team or Hyun cool team to receive the task,
the task can be completed with the heroes,
and get the opportunity to draw.
Activities prizes: movie tickets,
electronic exchange code,
a total of 50.
Prizes issued: immediately after winning.
Use rules: 1.
use scope: National Tongdui,
only for 2D3D film exchange; 2