You and Rainie Yang return to drama stills broke idol drama actress just a vermilion

n Rainie Yang busy concert finally received a play! Although singing is the main industry,
but Rainie Yang's every idol drama is not mixed,
Yan value acting,
which does not praise? It is said that she has dropped one hundred million and two thousand invitations for the play this time What's so dramatic? After a lapse of five years,
Rainie Yang's acting drama shoot back please rest assured! To lose your appetite,
new things later,
sister to help you remember.
Remember the devil around? Many children are because of this drama know Rainie Yang,
now see this photo,
sentimental lovely,
she has wood to arouse you full of love? Rainie Yang said the acting is good not Barbara sister blind koumaozi,
seen her to play the bad laugh flower that sell dia Jiang Xiaohua by her adorable loaded interpret