Kingdee smashed office will lead to trouble about the future of the enterprise cloud office mode

said in his masterpiece,
on freedom,
that the only true freedom is the freedom of man to pursue value in the way he chooses.
That is to say,
freedom is not doing nothing or spending freely.
Freedom is the way to create what you want.
One hundred years ago there was a prophecy that the end of technology was to get mankind into the realm of freedom.
In today's Internet age,
this prophecy seems to be getting closer and closer.
When people can go anywhere,
work at any time and realize their value in all sorts of strange ways,
they may really be free.
54 youth day,
this is a special day,
let's talk about freedom.
Where can I talk about it? Talking about one of the things that Kingdee just did - they messed up the office.
(right now,
under the heading,
pay attention to the blue word,
get more in

[secret Korea] Korean children's Day is not 61, is 55

orean micro signal: hjkorean WeChat update menu ~ sun seed,
learning cards,
daily stamp of self-help show rich and colorful content,
reply [check points] in advance 46 TOPIK generation search service! Introduction: there are many differences between China and Korea in children's day.
do you know how Korean children pass the children's day? Zone 1: South Korea's children's Day is May 5th,
not June 1st ~ 1956.
children's Day is set to improve children's status and the holidays.
By 1956,
the country's formal decree is scheduled for May 5th each year.
Zone 2: South Korea's children's Day children and adults have a holiday,
children is not exclusive holiday ~,
children's day,
parents specially to accompany the children to play,
or want to have children to buy something as a gift.

Harbin has its face hit too

ard 230 people at the beginning of the well-being,
and simply do not have to travel abroad,
you can see those tall on the world's beautiful scenery,
in fact,
those places are not far away,
it is at your doorstep! Xiao Bian said,
Harbin people simply do not have to travel abroad,
okay? No,
you look down! The lower down down Golden Gate Bridge: vs Songpu bridge of Golden Gate Bridge in the American state of California is one of the world's largest single hole bridge,
seen as a symbol of San Francisco.
During the gold rush,
the bridge was like a gate to the gold mine,
hence the name Golden Gate Bridge.
Matsuura Hashi is a super large bridge in Harbin City,
the history of bridge construction engineering technology,
the largest and the highest content of comprehensive construction,

Topslaes companies do not need smart sales but need an army of ants

ry of what Niuge Cui 2B leather,
a mere man of the northwest.
An intruder in the SaaS 2B field,
he was far from the industry,
but has also been in the 2B industry,
to be exact,
he has worked hard in the 2B industry in the manufacturing field.
Last time,
he learned Niuge leather Cui told me one afternoon his product,
because we Tucao his products in the Cui cattle,
said the name of the product is not good communication,
users do not understand.
What does L2C mean? In the marketing process,
the face of user needs to explain its meaning,
no doubt the name of the pending.
Is that one afternoon,
I have a preliminary understanding of L2Cplat and csi.
So I asked him second weeks to do an interview,
in the interview I quietly listen to the old story,
occasionally I asked out of conce

Collected works of Beijing Film Academy in the first half of 2016 (two)

learning experience 14 yellow Simeng animation art through TOOM BOOM software eight week study,
the software also has a basic understanding of,
and gradually found that this type of drawing and PR,
AE software has many similarities and common.
As the saying goes,
the master leads the door,
and the practice depends on the individual.
If you want to master it,
you must rely on your own use.
I always thought that it is more important for us to have theoretical knowledge.
For the first time,
I feel that I understand it,
so that's enough.
But when you start doing it,
you find a lot of problems.
Compared to TVP,
TOOM BOOM has many more convenient places,
such as camera adjustment,
light perception and segmentation animation,
if you are doing a two-dimensional animation series,

Figure out her hands to do battle View National dolls each called Enchanted Doll

eautiful doll is the dream of every girl when she was a child,
but she uses her hands as a magic thing to make the most gorgeous doll in the world.
Russian artist Alexandra Koukinova is the production of numerous skilled craftsmen perfect doll.
She and the details of the strict control of ceramic made a lady with color true to life with special skills,
take on the cloth,
lace to create gorgeous clothes,
her every doll is a perfect work of art.
These dolls are extremely striking and sophisticated.
The artist,
Alexandra Koukinova,
from Russia,
makes them out of high-quality porcelain and uses a special technique to color them.
This creates the illusion of glowing skin and emphasizes subtle details.
Costumes for each mysterious lady are selected with special care.
They are made from the best

She was 42 years old, 69 years old worth 10 million, she was the most original Chinese Goddess of self willed

f entrepreneurs,
we first think of the Internet tycoon like BAT,
but very few people think of Tao Huabi.
But speaking of the old godmother,
who believe that,
but you know what in the end she has more cattle? 8 dollars a bottle of chili sauce,
sold 1 million 300 thousand bottles a day,
13 thousand tons of pepper a year,
17 thousand tons of soybeans,
sales of 4 billion,
indirectly led to 8 million farmers get rich,
15 years,
the output value is increased by 74 times! You never sell,
you don't advertise,
and you don't sell.
No listing,
no loans,
no financing.
Elsewhere in the enterprise to find loans,
pull financing,
want to market,
but the old godmother has repeatedly rejected the government's financing proposals.
Starting business at the age of 42,
from a rural woman who didn't go to scho

How to become a respected enterprise in a low-end traditional industry, China EU exclusive case selection

> > Europe say a not well-known packaging enterprise,
what attracted CEIBS vice president and Dean Professor Zhang Weijiong visited often and often and the enterprise story case? What happened in the end of this enterprise,
make a group in the mall fought for CEO it was flushed in the classroom? Product packaging,
especially transport products packaging,
has always been a little attention to the industry,
low barriers to entry,
labor intensive,
waste of resources seriously.
Xintonglian main wooden pallets business,
as long as a few pieces of wood together with a nail can be formed,
it is considered a very low-end traditional business.
It is such an unknown company,
but in the head,
CEIBS CEO class alumni under the leadership of Cao Wenjie,
with the transformation of a successful stra

It was a time when God was with the gods

a hero,
not only because he was Jordan,
but also because of his opponents.
The bad boys have suppressed Jordan for 3 years,
and he won the first championship at 28,
but he dominated the times.
The two time champion seems to two championship submissively with extreme ease.
This is the true portrayal of Sir Jordan's top rival,
sir Utah.
Referred to the Utah jazz,
without mentioning the Utah Shuangsha,
absolute core.
Stockton and Malone.
In Stockton's 19 year career in NBA,
he gave everyone left the same impression,
calm and silent,
only on the pitch to show his desire to win like fire burning,
and unyielding tenacity.
Malone is very passionate,
but sometimes extreme.
His elbow had caused many opponents to get injured and fainted,
and there were a lot of strong players the

Tell the truth, Jiang Xin, Fan Bingbing, Bai Baihe, who is heavier? You can't see it

o joy set off a ratings frenzy,
playing the fan Shengmei Jiang Xinji The Legend of Zhen Huan after a fire! Take off thick costume,
in the modern workplace,
she reveals to us is not only full of fresh meat,
and her plump figure! 171 of her height,
claiming 55 kilograms! It is said that she and the extra baggage sector leaders Fan Bingbing,
super will hide the meat Bai Baihe,
seems to be in the same order.
who's heavier,
can you guess? Hua Fei for a second round of modern Ode to joy before the launch,
many netizens on the role of Jiang Xinxin into a sense of the most concern.
After all,
The Legend of Zhen Huan in the Hua Fei for a while,
it is hot ~ ~ ~ ~ is impressive! The reality is,
acting is good,
play what like Jiang Xin in the Ode to joy in the circle of countl

Today broke the circle God is the courtesan had dated boyfriend actor known to fresh temperament but openly take the two woman in the dinner in foreign gay ring

empress town building! Fans: I am a abroad in the years of gay,
there are so many years of activities.
In 2013,
during the year of the year,
I went to the gay circle with American friends to participate in the trans annual activities.
At that time,
most of them were foreigners from the United States and some chinese.
Gay circle is open,
everyone can drink the well.
Then one of the foreigners who chatted with each other said,
I know a star in your country,
and showed us the pictures.
Foreigners say w is also our circle,
there is a foreign boyfriend,
just 20 years old.
At that time did not hear about W,
think the foreigner is in a shot in the dark,
not how much.
Over the years,
I suddenly felt that I was becoming more and more reliable.
Fans: C actor from my friend.
C actor is micro-b

The bullfight uses this set of skills packs to practice

rst basketball micro magazine,
the most popular basketball teaching platform,
click on the above blue words,
pay attention to basketball skills,
teaching bullfighting,
use this group of extraordinary skills package,
practice it! Master advanced 1 master advanced 2 master advanced 3 master advanced 4 combo is beautiful,
can not drink! The contents of such training is usually to do,
from the global to the ball,
all to the actual demand for accurate,
balanced and in place! Keep practicing,
and you'll be more comfortable in actual combat! -END- graphic compilation skill / game skills and QQ/ 2638592508 Jun Jun WeChat tutorials recommended (click Title legible) 1,
teach you the most practical baseball field of bullfighting,
abuse of violence against!!! 2,
[] skills should be

Why don't you look at me? Do you say you don't love me?

when painting with ancestors,
this will be the result.
Video twitter @microhitomi - you know,
so why are you holding it? - - because you don't hold it,
you'll lie on the hand painted board

I don't talk. I only love jewelry

some people wear no window; some people use small accessories,
more let a person shine at the moment.
There will be a play,
can take out a piece of jewelry with amorous feelings.
I will lead you to pick jewelry,
accessories for the overall shape of beautiful ladies even more delicate,
more texture,
more personality,
work even elegant taste is a hectic pressure oversized working days,
but also to do a fine job aptitude,
beautiful girl fashion sense bursting with fresh and elegant white.
Shirt collocation exquisite simplicity of the clavicle chain,
easily fix French elegance ~ Agovski jewelry special > &gt brosway; Italy &gt > special sweet accessories; sweet sweet honey date careful machine date must have a sweet sweet dress,
wearing a beautiful skirt,
put down your hai

Long snack bar, liar got your card number and password

the magnetic stripe cards have been easily copied,
scaring many cardholders,
and many cardholders have made up their minds to replace the chip cards.
But then again,
it came the day before at the second session of the network and information security Expo,
as long as close to the card reader or mobile phone information,
IC chip card will be read,
including the latest transaction number,
and even identity information etc.
Is that really the case? This reporter conducted a confirmation.
In this regard,
China UnionPay told reporters yesterday,
the chip card can be close to read,
but limited information cannot be read for trading or copy card,
the cardholder financial security will not be affected.
Media reports: without contact can steal bank card information has been reported,

Twelve constellation falls in love with who is long, easy to feel greasy slanting

ll in love with a person,
and how he will feel tired together is not enough,
but when the time for a long time,
there will be a lot of problems,
and even his dislike and boredom,
had liked with the change of time disappear.
when twelve zodiac signs fall in love with each other,
they get bored with each other more and more? ARIES: Aries,
Capricorn no matter how funny,
you are in a cold poker face to respond,
Aries bought tickets to take you to go out to relax,
just coldly reply to a Capricorn,
but also their own work.
More cold water has been put on,
and the injured Aries should have left.
Taurus: Taurus,
Leo's character is very stubborn,
Leo refused to bow,
two people together always go contradictions.
Taurus will be the lion began to attract a domineering,
feel not the lion with his c

1999 yuan behind plus a mobile phone 3 Mengliao exposure

a mobile phone plus 3 began to occupy the screen,
there have been irreparably exposure,
remind people of various fantasy of the machine.
The latest news shows,
one plus mobile phone 3 will be Xiaolong 820+4GB/6GB RAM combination,
battery capacity increased to 3500mAh,
the price is 1999 yuan start,
which allows 3GB shipped start millet 5 a little bit.
According to friends of friends broke the news broke the news,
plus a mobile phone 3 still choose 5.
5 inch 1080p screen,
running OS Android6.
0 system 2 hydrogen system based on 8 million front +1600 megapixel rear camera collocation,
large aperture,
virtual background is awesome.
At the same time,
a mobile phone plus 3 price signs,
Xiaolong 820+4GB save only 1999 yuan,
6GB dommy price 2499 yuan,
millet 5 bursts of screams.
Suspected of a mobil