1999 yuan behind plus a mobile phone 3 Mengliao exposure

a mobile phone plus 3 began to occupy the screen,
there have been irreparably exposure,
remind people of various fantasy of the machine.
The latest news shows,
one plus mobile phone 3 will be Xiaolong 820+4GB/6GB RAM combination,
battery capacity increased to 3500mAh,
the price is 1999 yuan start,
which allows 3GB shipped start millet 5 a little bit.
According to friends of friends broke the news broke the news,
plus a mobile phone 3 still choose 5.
5 inch 1080p screen,
running OS Android6.
0 system 2 hydrogen system based on 8 million front +1600 megapixel rear camera collocation,
large aperture,
virtual background is awesome.
At the same time,
a mobile phone plus 3 price signs,
Xiaolong 820+4GB save only 1999 yuan,
6GB dommy price 2499 yuan,
millet 5 bursts of screams.
Suspected of a mobil