Figure out her hands to do battle View National dolls each called Enchanted Doll

eautiful doll is the dream of every girl when she was a child,
but she uses her hands as a magic thing to make the most gorgeous doll in the world.
Russian artist Alexandra Koukinova is the production of numerous skilled craftsmen perfect doll.
She and the details of the strict control of ceramic made a lady with color true to life with special skills,
take on the cloth,
lace to create gorgeous clothes,
her every doll is a perfect work of art.
These dolls are extremely striking and sophisticated.
The artist,
Alexandra Koukinova,
from Russia,
makes them out of high-quality porcelain and uses a special technique to color them.
This creates the illusion of glowing skin and emphasizes subtle details.
Costumes for each mysterious lady are selected with special care.
They are made from the best