Harbin has its face hit too

ard 230 people at the beginning of the well-being,
and simply do not have to travel abroad,
you can see those tall on the world's beautiful scenery,
in fact,
those places are not far away,
it is at your doorstep! Xiao Bian said,
Harbin people simply do not have to travel abroad,
okay? No,
you look down! The lower down down Golden Gate Bridge: vs Songpu bridge of Golden Gate Bridge in the American state of California is one of the world's largest single hole bridge,
seen as a symbol of San Francisco.
During the gold rush,
the bridge was like a gate to the gold mine,
hence the name Golden Gate Bridge.
Matsuura Hashi is a super large bridge in Harbin City,
the history of bridge construction engineering technology,
the largest and the highest content of comprehensive construction,