How to become a respected enterprise in a low-end traditional industry, China EU exclusive case selection

> > Europe say a not well-known packaging enterprise,
what attracted CEIBS vice president and Dean Professor Zhang Weijiong visited often and often and the enterprise story case? What happened in the end of this enterprise,
make a group in the mall fought for CEO it was flushed in the classroom? Product packaging,
especially transport products packaging,
has always been a little attention to the industry,
low barriers to entry,
labor intensive,
waste of resources seriously.
Xintonglian main wooden pallets business,
as long as a few pieces of wood together with a nail can be formed,
it is considered a very low-end traditional business.
It is such an unknown company,
but in the head,
CEIBS CEO class alumni under the leadership of Cao Wenjie,
with the transformation of a successful stra