It was a time when God was with the gods

a hero,
not only because he was Jordan,
but also because of his opponents.
The bad boys have suppressed Jordan for 3 years,
and he won the first championship at 28,
but he dominated the times.
The two time champion seems to two championship submissively with extreme ease.
This is the true portrayal of Sir Jordan's top rival,
sir Utah.
Referred to the Utah jazz,
without mentioning the Utah Shuangsha,
absolute core.
Stockton and Malone.
In Stockton's 19 year career in NBA,
he gave everyone left the same impression,
calm and silent,
only on the pitch to show his desire to win like fire burning,
and unyielding tenacity.
Malone is very passionate,
but sometimes extreme.
His elbow had caused many opponents to get injured and fainted,
and there were a lot of strong players the