Kingdee smashed office will lead to trouble about the future of the enterprise cloud office mode

said in his masterpiece,
on freedom,
that the only true freedom is the freedom of man to pursue value in the way he chooses.
That is to say,
freedom is not doing nothing or spending freely.
Freedom is the way to create what you want.
One hundred years ago there was a prophecy that the end of technology was to get mankind into the realm of freedom.
In today's Internet age,
this prophecy seems to be getting closer and closer.
When people can go anywhere,
work at any time and realize their value in all sorts of strange ways,
they may really be free.
54 youth day,
this is a special day,
let's talk about freedom.
Where can I talk about it? Talking about one of the things that Kingdee just did - they messed up the office.
(right now,
under the heading,
pay attention to the blue word,
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