She was 42 years old, 69 years old worth 10 million, she was the most original Chinese Goddess of self willed

f entrepreneurs,
we first think of the Internet tycoon like BAT,
but very few people think of Tao Huabi.
But speaking of the old godmother,
who believe that,
but you know what in the end she has more cattle? 8 dollars a bottle of chili sauce,
sold 1 million 300 thousand bottles a day,
13 thousand tons of pepper a year,
17 thousand tons of soybeans,
sales of 4 billion,
indirectly led to 8 million farmers get rich,
15 years,
the output value is increased by 74 times! You never sell,
you don't advertise,
and you don't sell.
No listing,
no loans,
no financing.
Elsewhere in the enterprise to find loans,
pull financing,
want to market,
but the old godmother has repeatedly rejected the government's financing proposals.
Starting business at the age of 42,
from a rural woman who didn't go to scho