Tell the truth, Jiang Xin, Fan Bingbing, Bai Baihe, who is heavier? You can't see it

o joy set off a ratings frenzy,
playing the fan Shengmei Jiang Xinji The Legend of Zhen Huan after a fire! Take off thick costume,
in the modern workplace,
she reveals to us is not only full of fresh meat,
and her plump figure! 171 of her height,
claiming 55 kilograms! It is said that she and the extra baggage sector leaders Fan Bingbing,
super will hide the meat Bai Baihe,
seems to be in the same order.
who's heavier,
can you guess? Hua Fei for a second round of modern Ode to joy before the launch,
many netizens on the role of Jiang Xinxin into a sense of the most concern.
After all,
The Legend of Zhen Huan in the Hua Fei for a while,
it is hot ~ ~ ~ ~ is impressive! The reality is,
acting is good,
play what like Jiang Xin in the Ode to joy in the circle of countl