Today broke the circle God is the courtesan had dated boyfriend actor known to fresh temperament but openly take the two woman in the dinner in foreign gay ring

empress town building! Fans: I am a abroad in the years of gay,
there are so many years of activities.
In 2013,
during the year of the year,
I went to the gay circle with American friends to participate in the trans annual activities.
At that time,
most of them were foreigners from the United States and some chinese.
Gay circle is open,
everyone can drink the well.
Then one of the foreigners who chatted with each other said,
I know a star in your country,
and showed us the pictures.
Foreigners say w is also our circle,
there is a foreign boyfriend,
just 20 years old.
At that time did not hear about W,
think the foreigner is in a shot in the dark,
not how much.
Over the years,
I suddenly felt that I was becoming more and more reliable.
Fans: C actor from my friend.
C actor is micro-b