Topslaes companies do not need smart sales but need an army of ants

ry of what Niuge Cui 2B leather,
a mere man of the northwest.
An intruder in the SaaS 2B field,
he was far from the industry,
but has also been in the 2B industry,
to be exact,
he has worked hard in the 2B industry in the manufacturing field.
Last time,
he learned Niuge leather Cui told me one afternoon his product,
because we Tucao his products in the Cui cattle,
said the name of the product is not good communication,
users do not understand.
What does L2C mean? In the marketing process,
the face of user needs to explain its meaning,
no doubt the name of the pending.
Is that one afternoon,
I have a preliminary understanding of L2Cplat and csi.
So I asked him second weeks to do an interview,
in the interview I quietly listen to the old story,
occasionally I asked out of conce