Twelve constellation falls in love with who is long, easy to feel greasy slanting

ll in love with a person,
and how he will feel tired together is not enough,
but when the time for a long time,
there will be a lot of problems,
and even his dislike and boredom,
had liked with the change of time disappear.
when twelve zodiac signs fall in love with each other,
they get bored with each other more and more? ARIES: Aries,
Capricorn no matter how funny,
you are in a cold poker face to respond,
Aries bought tickets to take you to go out to relax,
just coldly reply to a Capricorn,
but also their own work.
More cold water has been put on,
and the injured Aries should have left.
Taurus: Taurus,
Leo's character is very stubborn,
Leo refused to bow,
two people together always go contradictions.
Taurus will be the lion began to attract a domineering,
feel not the lion with his c