62, the company postponed the annual report, tight schedule, heavy task, or bad times

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focus on the new board of the first media read new three.
Work name: The Gulf of Sorrento Artist: Thomas Jones April 30th,
the new three board 6945 listed companies announced annual report has reached 6883,
this day is also the date of disclosure of corporate reports.
As of the same day,
there are still 62 listed company failed to publish annual reports.
the stock transfer system anger,
hang out the list of these 62 companies in the official website,
and from May 3rd to suspend the transfer of shares of these 62 companies.
after 2 months is still not disclosed in the annual report of the company will be delisted.
What about the 62 companies? To read the new three board Research Center annual report two.
tight schedule,
heavy task,
the 62 com