A 24 year old female teacher ride murdered had shot down the license plate to her husband but

le from the WeChat public number: Shenzhen big thing (nandusz),
the Southern Metropolis Daily (nddaily),
has been authorized to reprint the laboratory for the public number of curious City Express's net about the car accident,
again: Night Ride must be careful! Yesterday morning at about 7,
a search for help posted on a forum post said,
his wife since May 2nd 9 o'clock in Shenzhen after the ride has lost contact,
phone off,
the driver to cancel the order,
there has been no contact,
his family is very worried.
9 in the evening after the ride has been lost landlord sister last night more than 9 points from the home take a ride back to the school dormitory,
the normal time should be more than 10 points to.
But to 11 points has not reported peace,
asked the school dormitory colleagues,
that h