al chase drama frenzy the sun descended ushered in the finale,
the drama happy ending song song CP and rescue CP love makes people envy,
you play was stuffed a dog also issued a roar: fuck it I want to chase what ah! I have no hope brokenhearted!!! Friends of the basin! Don't panic! Here's a high energy oratorio,
as long as you have the guts to watch it! I say high energy oratorio is an online drama cosmetic season broadcast on Youku every Monday and Wednesday.
Why do I say this drama is energetic? First of all,
one thing everyone knows is the high value and luxurious lineup.
The actor is because in 2015 the urban emotional drama two flower,
played with the wealthy son of Lin Qiao Gao Ren is known to the public,
he also some time ago and Li Zhongshuo,
Zheng Shuang cooperation