[love Tucao] there is no wishing pool in the world, the number of people throwing coins has become a wishing pool

WiFi points) visited the morning,
advised himself,
but also advised you to buy less than two,
this is May?.
In September 678 there are countless beauty beauty beauty beauty dress shoes package to the new,
from time to time and sister go shopping will have to buy it,
the day the lovelorn not happy aunt water to the counter without demur to buy buy buy to ease the pressure,
don't think of a summer buy clothes.
Well behaved.
Although # buy more clothes,
still feel not wear # love thing the more you try to hold it,
you hurt more than in a timely manner; open your hands,
let it go.
Too grasping,
too bitter,
cannot grasp,
opens the hand to be easy to obtain.
It is hard to imagine that reason was first originated in France,
and German Romanticism,
is a # don't forget the origin of foot