On the net the most red dragon and Phoenix tire, see heart is crisp, want to have a pair of

a couple of Taiwan Chelsea&amp network Jesper tire adorable treasure;,
very popular,
because the father surnamed Zhu,
mother surnamed Yang,
so my sister called lamb,
brother called piggy (names are so adorable)! Mom will record the lamb pig's life,
many users see these photos are called super Meng want children.
All of the pictures are from the FB account of the two adorable treasure,
probably in chronological order,
you can clearly see the growth process of two small.
Two small was born in September 11,
was 1 months premature,
the mother has been very sorry,
feel belly.
As a parent,
it is always like this.
This is difficult to separate the male nubao.
Superman outfit,
laughing good fun ~ two babies,
two little beds ~ good reading seriously Oh ~ ~ lamb sister 6 months of photos,