Thank you for teaching my friendship and working hard to win

onen Jump as the Japanese Shueisha's most influential one of the weekly comic,
since 1968 has become a powerful representative of Japanese culture.
To have such good results,
cannot do without outstanding serial works magazine,
from the well-known Dragon Ball,
to JOJO ,
Hokuto no Ken,
to today's fire,
One Piece,
these outstanding works to Japan and Asia and even the world.
A profound influence.
But no matter how to change the theme of the novel,
popular characters for a change,
only the name is Jump three elements of the soul is never changed,
as the title of the link series of spoilers,
the two dimension will take you back to the green era,
all moved to go over again Jump works for us.
When a juvenile Jump works,
and the relationship between people is the be