The sparrow to lizhengwei when the agent can take the value of Yan kills

at there was a charming smile,
the value of outstanding captain Liu Yan He seckill the fans sister,
causing the audience to scream for a month.
Especially a uniform,
But wanted to see the handsome uniforms temptation,
why Dongyang thousands of miles away,
the sun Smecta seed,
we also have the pride of the party.
Not guessing,
I just want to say today,
only faith can not live up to,
but with the yen value -- Li Yifeng can kill political commissar.
With the new Li Yifeng movie sparrow this makeup poster,
I decided to give up her husband Song Joong Ki,
hell-bent worship in Li Yifeng's feet.
it is under the green uniforms.
It is said that mango platform has been decided,
just after the birthday of Li Yifeng,
the official release of sparrow,
even the trailer has been sprea