unk 2 is going to start shooting.
The villain wants to destroy a lot of passion and creative basketball with a lot of robots and winning games.
In order not to let them get away with a trick,
we called the 5 new and old master dunk together set off,
let them conquer machines is to make basketball dunk,
pure and simple regression.
Let's take a look at some of these dunks! (of course not play so early,
the above story is purely fictional) little emperor James dunk style: domineering king,
imposingly demigod Carter dunk style: dragon,
stretch freely Jinzhou Titans Jason Richardson dunk style: the sword refers to the sky,
most incisive fearless style: Aaron Gordon dunk creative,
changing popular buckle Zach Lavin dunk style: an irresistible force,
smart and elegant look tonight CCTV5