Why is it so hard to get into the penalty don't I teach you

tball field,
heroes always feel like penalties,
and how many former stars have fallen before 12 yards.
For those of the world's best shooters,
let's wear one hundred caps a year without losing a penalty to a crucial game.
The author | sunny today,
fans are most concerned about is Bayern with Ma Jing in the Champions League semi-final,
the final Bayern home court failed to comeback,
for three consecutive years by the Spanish team in the Champions League final gate.
In the match,
Muller missed the penalty kick,
which made Bayern fail to establish an advantage early.
Of course,
Torres didn't score in the second half and Atletico didn't finish the game early.
Why is it so hard to get into the penalty? Let's review the two balls.
Muller Oblak's penalty was brave saved Costa on the left corner,