Youth stories, youth, age, courage to change, you are youth

do not install B,
MOE cheap chicken,
as far as orange entertainment,
WeChat public number juziyule today is 54 youth day,
according to domestic standards to count,
14-28 years old are young people,
according to international standards,
14-44 are young people.
regardless of the age range of the young,
orange Jun wants to tell you that youth day has nothing to do with age.
The stories of the 5 young men tell you that youth is a kind of capital,
and youth is an ability to create change.
One of her tweets,
linking Africa to a Siyanda Mohutsiwa,
made a bold guess: if all Africa is a bar,
what will people from different countries drink and do here? So she sent a tweet on twitter #ifafricawasabar (if Africa is a large bar),
and wrote the first sentence # if Africa is a big bar,