Yu see Luhan illegal workers who pay Zhao Wei and Global Times enmity

e big bang entertainment original manuscript,
please reprint authorization in the background reply reproduced 1,
suddenly saw the stupid deer working illegally floating in the hot search,
what happened? This work refers to I go to school.
the shooting,
shooting in Taiwan,
it is bad when Luhan was reported for individual tourist visas to Taiwan,
suspected of violating the Taiwan local employment service act .
If true,
will revoke the Taiwan Luhan license and compulsory exit restrictions or within 10 days before entering the Taiwan exit,
not in 5 years.
The program group morning issued a statement of apology,
with this stupid deer is really illegal?! Not good?! At four p.
the program came out again to clarify that the news of illegal employment in Taiwan was not true.
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