Have to look at the jade exquisite carving absolutely praise

culture has a long history,
it has been more than ten thousand years,
in recent years,
with the increasingly rich material life,
which has become a trend of jade,
jade carvings,
sculpture art play an important role in a pen,
so a jade works whether can do was completed,
Art beats nature.
to see the carvings the process is in place.
Artful coloring,
Qiao Si,
skillful work,
artful shape and artful art are generalizations of the art of artful engraving.
We see the Chinese Union merchants [national stone collection] studio works,
will be skillfully carved features play incisively and vividly,
their works exquisite,
exquisite and graceful.
In the design,
and there is no limit on the special subject,
but for every piece of jade carving according to the characteristics of its color and s