He earned 00 from 0 billion, a history of his fortune

on: but believe it or not,
I don't feel like I'm x any more.
It's just that I'm lucky,
and I've chosen the most crucial steps in my life! Source: private placement network (ID:simuppw),
I am an old stock owner,
began trading stocks since the age of 11,
such as this year has gone through 75 investment years.
Although I am not Chinese,
but my name is not inferior to China shortly before the micro-blog new Wanghong Hocking brother,
because my name is Warren Buffett.
The world has always been in the investment of God,
God and other words of praise praise me,
probably because the old shareholders as a senior,
I do such a thing,
will be 100 yuan to 60 billion.
Although I always adhere to the principle of low-key and modest investment in life,
in China,
I still seem to have been magnified indefi