Pay attention to this number if you don't know what to read

e micro signal: shudanlaile long press image recognition of two-dimensional code introduction to WeChat platform: at present most popular reading list to the entrance [] has provided 135 different types of books list came after the reply numbers,
25 books to receive the corresponding list 1.
30 areas of the 30 not to be missed introductory book before the age of 2.
25 must read the rapid increase of 3.
EQ and conversation skills 7 Book 4.
want to enrich themselves,
from the 7 Book of the 5.
10 began a day to read the short classic 6.
10 books let you touch the psychology gate 7.
of the 30 books,
800 thousand recommended the bookworm the five are not book 8.
of the 7 books,
teach you how to read the 9.
20 century,
the best 100 Chinese novels 10.
want your children to see his life optimistic