The best investment is not to buy luxury goods, but to invest in them...

irst fashion media | Fan said: G IRLS,
the best investment is to invest in their own (the | Jasmine Molly,
authorized business scope issued) I just work of that time,
especially the envy of other people's luxury bags,
at that time not yet free interpreter,
do inhouse get a monthly salary of 8K in the company,
and friends from the United States to buy a 2.
5k MK,
of course,
this is also at most a light luxury brand.
At that time,
I want to use my income,
buy a 5k-10k bag next year,
not too much.
Second years,
I became a freelance interpreter,
income is higher than before,
almost all month 20K,
I decided not to buy luxury goods,
not just luxury goods,
I began to control their material desires.
A large part of the reason is that I know my current boyfriend,
he can be a rich two generation,