The central bank should not throw money into inflation and asset bubbles

oenix finance,
Huang Sheng financial (ID:fengyuhuangshan) China central bank released the news,
from May 2016 onwards,
the monthly at the beginning of the three banks (China Development Bank,
agricultural development bank,
export import bank loans to invest in particular) issued last month corresponding supplementary mortgage loans (PSL).
is the central bank loans to shed change,
water conservancy project,
such as project loans of RMB go,
actually opened the directional delivery mode of base money,
this model is actually a direct printing,
some scholars commented that this is the helicopter money,
but not all money,
but money oriented,
Samuel for the slum upgrading,
water conservancy project,
RMB to go etc.
According to the central bank statistics,
in April 2016,
the National Develop