The classical sayings of the teachers in those years

ion A is wrong,
B is wrong,
D can not choose,
so obviously choose C well,
such a simple question will not? OK,
look at the next question.
this is my exclusive.
) Listen,
the whole corridor is the most noisy in our class! When cleaning you want to take the school when their home was late you really take the school when their own home.
You are my students in the worst session so you go to the society,
you will thank me for being late,
I don't want to hear any reason the blackboard will,
you are no! The sleeping student,
please answer this question.
I can see what you do down there! (piercing eye!) Source: Network

A new generation of net red is actually a vampire tooth, reading has been captured

a small hedgehog named Bhave (Huff) in Utah,
became popular on the Internet by virtue of his natural vampire tooth.
To feel this fan smile,
the owner of ins:huffthehedgehog said that in order to photograph the little guy's funny face,
he often needed food to lure him.
This is the temperament to stay adorable adorable chowhound ~ to want to raise points

[] don't be cheated and spread these 18 karat gold alluvial gold tourism shopping pit don't jump

ooled again! = 18 carat gold! Don't jump on these Kunming tourist shopping pits! ] some Yunnan cheap tours to sell to tourists,
and the gold gold from Yunnan to Jinsha River,
is without the purified gold ore,
and the quality of the gold is the same,
a gold bracelet of gold is 8%.
Experts said: the national standard GB11887-89 of gold products regulations,
18 carat gold must reach 75% of the gold standard,
and the tour guide with more than 100 grams of gold necklace was only 4 - 5 grams,
far less than 18 of the provisions of the state gold standard,
but openly to tourists is 18 k.
In order to experience the real situation of the Yunnan low price tour group,
the consumer advocates came to Kunming before may day.
Many consumers reflected in Yunnan tourism often by tour guides to buy jade

Four stages, 12 steps, you can also achieve efficient speech

a wonderful thing.
We need speeches in our lives.
It is almost everywhere in the business world.
It is the basis of debate and discussion,
an important part of the process of strategic planning,
and a key link in business communication.
So how can you deliver your speech effectively? Ed Gruwez,
managing director of Ogilvy,
in his new book,
efficient speech,
concludes that the four stage,
12 steps,
might be a good way to help you! The four stage TLSM method stage 1: thinking back to see the overall situation.
Find a quiet place and take the time to think about what points your speech has.
Why do the audience want to listen to you? What do you want to accomplish? How do you achieve your goal? Stage two: logic,
before you begin to develop a story,
first of all,
you must determine the conten

(delete speed watch) Pa Pa Sichuan Normal University were the murderer is what kind of person to let him die of depression is what ghost

e psychosis people away can check your IQ? Welcome to the circle of friends,
reproduced reply authorized to write this article,
the public number has been prepared to be deleted post psychological preparation.
if you see that,
please look at it quickly.
Remember March 27th night,
Sichuan Normal University,
there is a student called Tengfei,
roommate Lu Haiqing beheading? The development of extremely cruel,
cut Lu classmate more than 50 knife,
causing the executed.
After the case,
handled some strange.
For example,
the school and the police have been trying to write a letter of apology to the secretive,
police investigators such as police have information disclosure requirements of victims and families of the victims,
and refers to it as state secrets.
Ha-ha! According to past expe

Will the crash of American stocks begin with apples?

2008 financial crisis,
the bull market for US stocks has been going on for more than 8 years.
A lot of speculation stocks head and try to short investors have suffered a ruthless face during this period.
But the passage of time,
when the new season seems to be related to Apple Corp earnings announcement,
stocks will turn a weak voice has the opportunity to become a reality.
Apple inflection point arrival? IPhone sales fell for the first time,
Apple Corp second quarter earnings per share of .
less than expected ; the same period revenue of 0 billion 560 million,
less than expected 1 billion 970 million.
The more deadly is iPhone sales fell 16%,
down 13% for the camp for the first time in 13 years fell.
Apple also expects third quarter revenue of 10~430,
not on