(delete speed watch) Pa Pa Sichuan Normal University were the murderer is what kind of person to let him die of depression is what ghost

e psychosis people away can check your IQ? Welcome to the circle of friends,
reproduced reply authorized to write this article,
the public number has been prepared to be deleted post psychological preparation.
if you see that,
please look at it quickly.
Remember March 27th night,
Sichuan Normal University,
there is a student called Tengfei,
roommate Lu Haiqing beheading? The development of extremely cruel,
cut Lu classmate more than 50 knife,
causing the executed.
After the case,
handled some strange.
For example,
the school and the police have been trying to write a letter of apology to the secretive,
police investigators such as police have information disclosure requirements of victims and families of the victims,
and refers to it as state secrets.
Ha-ha! According to past expe