[] don't be cheated and spread these 18 karat gold alluvial gold tourism shopping pit don't jump

ooled again! = 18 carat gold! Don't jump on these Kunming tourist shopping pits! ] some Yunnan cheap tours to sell to tourists,
and the gold gold from Yunnan to Jinsha River,
is without the purified gold ore,
and the quality of the gold is the same,
a gold bracelet of gold is 8%.
Experts said: the national standard GB11887-89 of gold products regulations,
18 carat gold must reach 75% of the gold standard,
and the tour guide with more than 100 grams of gold necklace was only 4 - 5 grams,
far less than 18 of the provisions of the state gold standard,
but openly to tourists is 18 k.
In order to experience the real situation of the Yunnan low price tour group,
the consumer advocates came to Kunming before may day.
Many consumers reflected in Yunnan tourism often by tour guides to buy jade