Will the crash of American stocks begin with apples?

2008 financial crisis,
the bull market for US stocks has been going on for more than 8 years.
A lot of speculation stocks head and try to short investors have suffered a ruthless face during this period.
But the passage of time,
when the new season seems to be related to Apple Corp earnings announcement,
stocks will turn a weak voice has the opportunity to become a reality.
Apple inflection point arrival? IPhone sales fell for the first time,
Apple Corp second quarter earnings per share of .
less than expected ; the same period revenue of 0 billion 560 million,
less than expected 1 billion 970 million.
The more deadly is iPhone sales fell 16%,
down 13% for the camp for the first time in 13 years fell.
Apple also expects third quarter revenue of 10~430,
not on